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ETCMC is a community-driven mining pool and decentralized autonomous organization that pays additional rewards to miners through its native ERC20 token #ETCPOW.
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The ETCMC DAO aims to be a decentralized organization that will fund new and upcoming projects on the Ethereum Classic network.

The DAO will generate income from multiple streams, including profits made from node sales, one-time membership fees in the form of NFT, and income from the ETCMC mining pool and the ETCMC mining farm.

The DAO's outgoings will be allocated towards development, membership monthly profits, and project funding. Members of the ETCMC DAO will have voting rights and access to unique benefits, such as a monthly share of profits paid in ETC and access to ETCPOW staking. The ETCMC DAO will constantly evolve to add new funding streams and opportunities for its members.

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The ETCPOW Token

  • ETCPOW is a native ERC20 token on the Ethereum Classic blockchain and is used to fuel the ETCMC ecosystem.
  • The main utility of ETCPOW is to reward miners for mining ETC in the ETCMC pool and to reward ETCMC node operators relative to the uptime of the node.
  • ETCMC members can also stake their ETCPOW to earn additional tokens.
  • The majority of ETCPOW is locked in the mining contract, and after the initial launch, the only way to access them is to mine ETC in the ETCMC mining pool thus creating scarcity.
  • The ETCPOW tokens are rewarded to miners as “Proof of work” that the miners have given to the pool.
  • The mining contract will release the tokens as each new ETC block is mined and distributed to the miners relative to the hash power and amount of shares given to the pool.

Deploy. Claim. Earn $ETCPOW

Explore our plug-and-play nodes, designed to effortlessly enhance the decentralized Ethereum Classic network. With just a few clicks, you can deploy a node and start contributing to the network's robustness. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, our solution also allows you to run a node directly on your PC, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.


Become a member of the ETCMC DAO

To become a member of the ETCMC DAO you will first need to mint your unique membership number for a fee of 2 ETC (only one vote per ETC address allowed). This is in the form of a unique NFT and will be required for proof of membership. All funds generated from the minting process will be sent to the ETCMC DAO.

Benefits of becoming a member

Unique NFT membership number that will give you access to the following:

  • Access to future airdrops.
  • Voting rights on proposals put forward to the DAO.
  • Access to the ETCMC Discord.
  • Access to ETCPOW staking.
  • Entry into special competitions and prize giveaways.
  • A monthly share of the profits generated by the ETCMC DAO.
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