Frequently asked questions

Token & License

It takes 5 working days to be processed and it should reach your wallet on the next working day after that. If there is a weekend or public holiday in between, then you need to add those days.
Absolutely not. One license per computer. If you run the software on multiple computers with one license, you risk a lifetime ban.
Follow this video to add ETCPOW to your MetaMask.

Token address ETCPOW:


It is not permitted to reinstall the software without notifying the ETCMC Team. You must create a ticket on Discord for this.
If you encounter the 'Another Instance Running' error after a power outage or an unsafe restart of your computer without properly stopping the node, follow the instructions in this video carefully. It will guide you through restarting your geth client without losing your balance.


Follow this video to add your NFT to your MetaMask.
Only valid NFT holders can participate in DAO voting, and they also receive some rewards from DAO profits. NFT holders might have additional benefits in the future.
NFT mints are random. If you wish to have a specific NFT color, you can check our Marketplace to see if there are any available.
Usually, it is on the last day of each month.
If your wallet address is in the NFT rewards distribution sheet, then you will receive your full month's rewards even if you were holding the NFT for just one day. The sheet is usually updated one day before rewards are distributed.
You can check if your NFT is added here.

Discord Tickets

The processing time for your ticket depends on its nature and complexity. We aim to resolve simple issues within a few working days. More complex issues or those requiring further investigation may take longer.
Tickets are answered on a “first come, first served” basis. Please provide as many details as possible in your ticket to expedite the processing.
Hover your mouse over the ticket area on your computer, and it will reappear.


On ETCMC DEX, a decentralized exchange, there are trade fees of 0.05% directed towards the ETCMC DAO monthly rewards. Additionally, 0.25% of trade fee earnings are allocated to liquidity providers. In total, 0.3% of trade fees contribute to the functioning of the exchange ecosystem, with a portion supporting the ETCMC DAO monthly rewards and the majority aiding liquidity providers.


Only eligible NFT holders can participate in DAO voting. You can mint random NFTs here, or you can buy some from our Marketplace.
If there is no other information provided, the timezone for all events/deadlines is the UK timezone.